Christine Owenell is an executive coach, purpose economist, organizational consultant, and international speaker. Christine’s work is focused on supporting positive behavioral change through experiential strategy and cultivating willingness to see things differently. Christine has advised and/or coached leaders at Grameen Bank, Cloud9, ProviderTrust, Nteractive, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Hypercubes, Aerial Global, Engage2, CareCar, Sixty (YC Class of ‘17), Dakia Global, and Heartbeat.

At age 21, she was named as one of ten Clinton Scholars to conduct research in the Middle East on conflict resolution and global interdependence. The range of skills she gained in cross-cultural communication, body language analysis, hostage negotiation, and foreign languages still come into play regularly.

As Senior Vice President of Veremonte, Christine helped build Formula E into an international success. In this position she learned the importance of bringing soulful, “Big Why” conversations into the boardroom. Being part of a significant global deal flow exploring the future of mobility, she experienced through high-impact, multi-stakeholder negotiations how to remove obstacles, transcend differences, and launch forward with a united vision.

After divestment, Christine co-founded DAKIA to accelerate positive transformation in emerging markets and collaborated on compelling initiatives aimed at improving the state of the world. Projects spanned industries including real estate, mobility, clean energy, and entertainment. After this, she founded Owenell Global Consultancy to help organizations and the people in them unite and strategize around our shared humanity.

Christine believes that one day we will enjoy an economy where companies everywhere are functioning through lenses of alignment, authenticity, and fundamental kindness. As a result, how we experience business and wealth will catalyze the elevation of human consciousness.

I was talking to Christine Owenell from Nashville, who was visiting on Necker, and we got discussing
education. (...) Her response was to follow the bliss. Thinking about it, follow the bliss is a wonderful
piece of advice to give people in life. If you follow your dreams and spend your life doing what brings
you joy, you are more likely to find success.
— Sir Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Group
Christine’s work is essential for your success. She works to open you up to wisdom without judgment or pretense. She’s an incredibly intuitive person and an immense catalyst for growth.
— Alex Tapper, Co-Founder, Sixty
I would highly recommend Christine to anyone who wants to improve their company in every area:
culture, alignment, customer satisfaction, profit, leadership, you name it. Christine has tremendously
impacted everything in my life and I am incredibly grateful for her.
— Britnie Turner, CEO, Aerial Global