Clarify your company’s essence and align behaviors, processes, and structures to support your team.

In doing so, you’ll not only build a culture that scales with your success but also becomes a competitive advantage.

Culture is organizational anthropology. It’s not just the foosball tables and free food, culture is all of the subtle interactions, structures, roles, and values that guide how people work. At Evolution, we work with companies through a process of “Be – Do – Have” to discover what makes them unique and what triggers behaviors and performance.

Evolution explores and clarifies a company’s essence and shadow and creates a plan for how to best integrate behaviors, processes/systems, and structures to sustain an optimal culture.

Culture development helps leaders and teams:

  • Create a vibrant workplace that attracts and retains top talent.

  • Empower your team to make better decisions faster.

  • Develop culture-aligned systems and processes that support sustained growth.

What Our Culture Development Clients Say:

Stewart Butterfield, CEO, Slack

Stewart Butterfield, CEO, Slack

“I highly recommend working with Evolution in the early stages of scaling a company to establish an organization's distinctive culture and provide leaders the confidence and tools they need to thrive.”


Toni Moyes, Chief Operating Officer, 8i

Toni Moyes, Chief Operating Officer, 8i

“Evolution brings coaching, culture building and leadership development talent of the highest calibre. Honestly, they are next level. This means they are rapidly able to earn the trust and confidence of your executive team and catalyze real shifts in your organization. We worked with Geoff, Caneel and Simon to uncover our values and lead in accordance with them and to build greater leadership and management capability in our business. Well worth the investment.”


Mike Farley, CEO, Tile

Mike Farley, CEO, Tile

“Evolution was instrumental in helping us articulate our culture and building the necessary framework around it to help us scale successfully. They truly understand the needs of start-ups and the cultural challenges they face.”


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