As in music, when we hear the crescendo building, suddenly if the music stops, we begin to hear the silence as part of the music.
— Chögyam Trungpa

The Contemplative Leadership Series Presents

Cultivating Presence: A Mindful Leadership Retreat

Reset and recharge. Dive deeply into a day of contemplative practices meant to clear the mind and relax the body. This experiential, one-day retreat will invite attendees into an immersive introduction to meditation and other contemplative practices. It is designed for leaders who are first time meditators, seasoned practitioners, or any other step along the way.

As leaders we all need practices that help us clear the burden of our responsibilities so that we can show up as the best versions of ourselves. When we cultivate presence we are able to see opportunities and challenges more clearly, become more effective in influencing others, and live a more fulfilled existence. This one-day retreat will include a diverse array of contemplative practices such as mindfulness meditation, yoga, light martial arts, nature walks, silence periods, creative experiences, and self-reflection.

Insight emerges out of silence.
— B.D. Schiers

This course will be taught by Luke Entrup. Luke is an executive coach and organizational consultant who works with leaders of high-growth companies. He has been practicing and teaching meditation for nearly 20 years. He is a Partner at Evolution. Evolution is a boutique coaching and consulting firm that partners with startups and high-growth companies to develop consciousness across all dimensions of the business — individuals, teams, and the organization as a whole.

Friday, October 25, 2019 9:30am-5:30pm

Muir Beach, CA



Lunch & snacks will be provided.   

Cultivating Presence: A Mindful Leadership Retreat

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The Cultivating Presence retreat really allowed me to look inward and practice techniques I can take into both my personal and professional life. The Green Gulch property was an exquisite backdrop for the day, and Luke’s supportive guidance provided a safe space for us to examine our blind spots as well as our goals.
— Crystal Ou, CEO of Piicked
Taking time to engage in practices that help me slow down, gain perspective and reconnect with myself helps me be a more energized and effective leader. Luke provided a safe space to explore and participate in new experiences that helped me rest and re-energize. I would recommend this for any leader who wants to bring out their personal best.
— Jill Rees, Psychologist at WCHC
I took away two important lessons from the retreat. First, that meditation, yoga, and slowing down to reflect and recharge is critical. I practice yoga, but I don’t think I’ve fully embraced the importance of deep breathing and slowing down in a way that has made its way into my day-to-day activities in a meaningful way. I have a morning yoga/movement routine, but then I rush about my day and don’t integrate contemplative practices into my daily actions. At the retreat I learned how important it is to weave mindful practice in the way I show up in my life: how I walk, how I eat, and how I engage with others, even during tough conversations.

The other big takeaway for me was the importance of finding your heart’s work. I think there is a lot of important work to do in the world. However, it’s amazing when you see someone who is doing work that they excel at, and that also feeds their soul. It’s the work that makes them happy, but it’s also the work that leverages all their strengths and in return gives back to the world in an impactful way. That is what I observed when I saw Luke, and it reminded me of the importance of striving to find that relationship with work—for myself and those I support.
— Veenu Aulakh, President/CEO, Center for Care Innovations