Fang is a coach with strong management and consulting background.  

Fang began her career as a consultant for multinational companies that intended to launch business in China. She later moved into management roles, taking on the position of Country General Manager at Electronic Arts and then RenRen Media.

She experienced different growth stages of business, from startup to public, in the digital media and technology industries before starting her coaching career.

As a coach, Fang works with individuals and groups, tackling challenges from personal growth, career development to cultural change, communication and management.  She speaks on radio and television, writes and translates on those topics. Fang enjoys helping clients feel better and be more successful at work and in life.

Among others, Fang’s clients have included Schneider Germany, Bell Canada, IDG, Nokia, Yahoo and Microsoft.

Fang holds multiple counseling and coaching certificates issued by governments, universities and private organizations both in China and the USA. She is ever grateful for her mentor Fred Kofman, author of Conscious Business, advisor of Google.

Fang has immersed herself in meditation practice over the last  20+ years and is passionate to explore the wisdom within her clients on their path to spiritual growth and worldly success.