Frankie started his first business at the age of 7 and has not stopped. In his 20s he grew a company to 150 employees and $30MM in annual revenue. However, in the process he lost himself, in part due to the beliefs that had been drilled into him. He thought working long, hard days was what was most important; and a culture of fear was the only way to motivate a team. He knew this wasn’t how he wanted to lead but had never seen it done any other way. Without knowing what else to do, he slowly drove himself into the ground. His health tanked, his marriage fell apart, everything good in life turned grey.

On the other side of intense personal development, in 2010 Frankie started a new business. He was committed to doing everything differently so he found a business coach. He wanted people to feel good about themselves and their work. He wanted to be happy while building this business. Over time he realized he was having success in all of these areas. He grew the business across multiple states, maintaining this positive culture at scale. He also found love again and re-married, discovering a whole new approach to relationship.

People started approaching him for coaching – asking for support in getting some of what he had for themselves, either for their business or their personal life. This led him to coaching fulltime. More than anything, what Frankie shares with his clients is an enthusiasm for life, a belief that what they want IS possible and lots of tools to make it fun and easy.