Hiring is a challenge for every Founder and startup, regardless of your stage. Demand remains high, supply remains low, but the wrong hire can be toxic and costly. Not to mention that unless you’re deliberate about your hiring practices, you might land your reputation in the red zone, limit your ability to innovate, and cost your company tens of thousands of dollars replacing people who walk.

It’s imperative that how you hire aligns with who you are. So how do you ensure you’re hiring with purpose? A Hiring Audit provides the depth of insight as well as actionable recommendations to optimize this critical part of reaching your company’s vision.

Who Needs a Hiring Audit?

The Audit is great for:

  • Earlier stage companies that want to know best practices to set things up for success from the start

  • At any inflection point where significant changes will happen to your team, such as a closing a new round, acquisition or expansion to multiple offices

  • Organizations where things might be going off the hiring rails, and you want to understand the root causes and how to correct them

What You’ll Get from a Hiring Audit:

  • A detailed in person intake and analysis of your current state based on multiple data sources

  • A tailored report which covers hiring from how you’re perceived out in the world, through to what happens once an offer letter is signed

  • A full debrief on the findings and recommendations

How Does the Hiring Audit Work?:

  • There’s a full day on site intake consisting of 1:1  interviews across the organization, as well as a review of your current systems and processes

  • The data will be analyzed for trends and anomalies and to produce a crystal clear picture of what’s happening in your hiring process right now

  • The deliverable report is tailored to your environment, and addresses branding/reputation, job intake, sourcing, recruiting, candidate experience, skills & culture interviewing, offers/rejections, all with an eye towards D&I and retention efforts.

  • We’ll debrief on the findings to set you up for success in implementing any recommended changes

Who We Are:

Evolution is a boutique coaching, consulting, and investment firm that partners with startup and high-growth companies to drive long-term, holistic success through Executive Coaching, Leadership & Management Training, Culture Development & Offsites. We work exclusively with companies that strive to be iconic, world-enriching, evolutionary businesses, such as Slack, Change.org, Collective Health and Nuna Health.

Ready to take the next step towards hiring with purpose?

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