Grow Your Orbit with One Eye to the Past


by Matt Auron

It is not easy, or common, to talk about our past and how it has influenced how we move in the world. Especially in business. Therapy and dipping into our history to see the modes of being we have picked up from those who have influenced us is still counter-cultural in business. And yet, to Evolve consciously, we must know who we are, where we come from, and what we need to do to continue growing.

Standing like statues at the gates of the office we walk into are the monolithic imprints of our parents and where we came from. These archetypes of work and movement speak to us, telling us how to find purpose and make the world our own—what choices to make, what to sacrifice, how to be joyful and free, how to lead, how to follow. They form the rules we follow at work and in the broader world.