Leadership Circles.

Peer groups designed to help leaders scale their business and their leadership.

Building and leading an organization can be incredibly demanding and lonely. You don't need to do it alone.

Each leadership circle is curated to bring together 5-8 leaders at similar stages in their business and personal growth. Circles create a powerful space for you to work through current challenges while being supported by peers who have encountered similar challenges. Not only will you find new paths forward, but you’ll also have new allies in the journey.

Leadership Circles help you:

  • Receive feedback and guidance from others on your specific leadership challenges.

  • Learn actionable models, methods and tools to grow your business and work more effectively together.

  • Expand your capacity to authentically relate to others.

  • Become the leader and human being that you know you can be.

How Circles Impact Our Clients:


“My circle allows me to get invaluable advice, insights and coaching from other experienced founders and facilitators. With the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur; it’s so important to have a place where I can talk about any challenge and be a part of an empowering community.”

- Audra Gold, Founder & Managing Director, Product N



“The circle has been incredibly helpful in navigating the constant shifts of a rapidly growing startup. It’s been really impactful to have a safe space to be supported by people outside of my everyday work/life and to learn from everyone’s vast experience.”

- Robin Cagan, Director of Operations, Fernish


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