Build trust and align your team around what matters most.

Evolution designs and facilitates impactful offsites for our clients based on a variety of goals, sizes and budgets.

Whether focusing on small team development or company-wide connection and growth, our offsites typically focus on rich interpersonal development, strategic planning and alignment, communication strategies and individual development.

Like all of Evolution’s offerings, our offsites are custom-designed to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Offsites are powerful for:

  • Stepping out of the day-to-day hustle to refocus your team on important topics and decisions.

  • Building trust within a team through deeper connection and vulnerability.

  • Aligning or realigning on your purpose, vision, culture, and/or strategic focus.

  • Conducting highly focused and effective annual or quarterly planning sessions.

What Our Offsite Clients Say:


“The Evolution offsite for the Kiva executive team created real breakthroughs for us in relatedness and how we work together. Coming back from the offsite we are a stronger, more cohesive and more connected team. It was an intensive and demanding experience but absolutely worth it!”

- Neville Crawley, CEO,



“Our executive team offsite with Caneel was the most productive day we've ever had together as a team. It will have such an amazing impact on how we go forward as leaders individually and together.”

- Ariel Kaye, CEO, Parachute



“During our offsite, the Evolution team crafted a space for our leadership team to see each other more richly and to connect more deeply. The time together helped us build a strong foundation of connection and understanding that I’m confident will enable us to be a more effective team.”

- Kevin Smith, Co-Founder, Abstract


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