Todd Emaus is a powerful coach, facilitator, and advisor who helps leaders navigate the intensity and be their very best.

Having founded multiple businesses, raised capital, and built teams, Todd knows just how challenging and lonely it can be as a leader. He focuses on creating powerful spaces for leaders to be authentic, vulnerable, and move past obstacles. In doing so, his clients feel less alone while also developing new capacity for impact.

Todd leverages his operational experience in product, marketing, growth, and managing people to be a trusted innovator and thought-partner for his clients. He is also a avid outdoorsman known to guide leaders and their teams into the wilderness - offering a chance to disconnect from the day-to-day and reconnect with what’s true.

Todd is a certified coach from Leadership that Works, a member of the Young Entrepreneurs Council, a Wilderness First Responder, and frequent writing contributor to Forbes.

Todd holds an MBA and a Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan, although he counts his entrepreneurial journey as his best education.