360 Reviews.


Identify blindspots, understand your strengths, and use a rich set of feedback to create a personal plan for your growth.

Evolution’s 360 review process is designed to provide a comprehensive assessment of a leader’s strengths and opportunities as seen from all degrees of interaction in their role.  

A coach from Evolution conducts the 360 review through confidential interviews and feedback gathered from a mix of board members, supervisors, peers, and direct reports and can even include partners and close personal relationships to add dimensionality.

The feedback is then aggregated into a report which is shared during a live, deep dive read out session.

Leaders who choose a 360 leadership assessment benefit from:

  • Noticing blind spots, as we are often unaware of our strengths, our opportunities for growth, and what our teammates view as our challenges coming up ahead

  • High achievers in particular may be more aware of their weaknesses than their strengths. Understanding how others see us is key to being an effective leader

  • 360 reviews increase self-awareness, clarify behaviors, measure “how” things get done instead of “what gets done”, promote dialogue, improve working relationships, encourage personal development, increase accountability and enhance performance

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