Luke Entrup spurs visionaries forward to the next level in their careers and lives. He is an executive coach and organizational consultant with a background in developing conscious leaders, aligning company culture with bold strategy, and creating the ideal conditions for high-impact teams to succeed.

Using a proprietary blend of insight, zen wisdom, and “jet fuel,” Luke’s clients learn how to develop their personal brand of leadership and influence. Drawing on his nearly decade experience as a healthcare executive he has worked with companies at various phases of growth including many early stage startups and larger high-growth companies such as Dropbox, Slack, and Pure Storage.

Luke supports entrepreneurs in becoming high-performing executive leaders. His clients are creative and curious, and come to him to discover powerful ways to push their abilities to the limit. With insight and practical tools, he works with leaders and teams on more fully realizing their vision, one step at a time.

As a social entrepreneur he has co-founded several organizations committed to leadership development and global sustainability, including Vida Autentica and Beyond The Machine. He is a regular public speaker on the topic of building a culture of innovation and how to evolve business through human-centered design. He holds degrees from Tulane University and Naropa University.  Luke has been practicing and teaching meditation for the past two decades. He is a certified facilitator with Shadow Work Seminars®. Luke lives with his family in Sonoma County, California.

Luke has helped me focus, prioritize, and define my role as a leader - and then take it to the next level. To be sure: He acts as a mentor, guide, and coach. But he’s also a neutral confidant; being a founder CEO can be lonely & isolating at times, and I much appreciated his outside perspective and a safe space to develop the skills, and confidence, I needed to be the strong leader I am today.
— Shannon De Jong, Founder and CEO of House of Who